Wake Wood

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A veteran and a pharmacist learn there is no cheating death after losing their daughter in a tragic accident, then taking part in a Pagan ritual to bring her back to life. Their nine year old daughter Alice killed in a vicious canine attack, Patrick (Aidan Gillen) and Louise move to the sleepy village of Wakewood to start a new life. Once there, they encounter mysterious village leader Arthur (Timothy Spall), who claims he can resurrect Alice for three days so the grieving parents can say their proper goodbyes. If they agree, however, Patrick and Louise will be binded to Wakewood forever. Shortly thereafter, and the ritual is conducted. As Arthur promised, Alice returns to her parents as if she were never gone. But when three days pass and the time comes for Alice to go, Patrick and Louise discover just how frightening things can get when the rules are broken. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Wake Wood
1. Welcome to Wake Wood [4:34]
2. On the Job [3:50]
3. I'm Not Ready [4:37]
4. Bizarre Ritual [3:39]
5. Alice Has A Lovely Voice [4:38]
6. Arthur's Offer [4:52]
7. The Terms [3:17]
8. Preparations [5:55]
9. The Wake of the Dead [5:41]
10. Homecoming [4:27]
11. Nesting [4:34]
12. Pony Ride [5:43]
13. Something's Amiss [4:58]
14. The Clutch [4:46]
15. Alice Pays a Visit [4:50]
16. I Don't Want To Go [4:54]
17. Sorry [3:56]
18. The Return [3:36]
19. How Much Do You Remember? [2:35]
20. End Credits [4:35]