Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? [25th Anniversary Special Edition]

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Arguably Megadeth's strongest effort and a classic of early thrash, Peace Sells combines punkish political awareness with a dark, threatening, typically heavy metal world-view, preoccupied with evil, the occult, and the like. The anthemic title track and "Wake Up Dead" are the two major standouts, and there is also a cover of Willie Dixon's "I Ain't Superstitious," which takes on an air of supernaturally induced paranoia in the album's context. The lines between hell and earth are blurred throughout the album, and the crashing, complex music backs up Dave Mustaine's apocalyptic vision of life as damnation -- his limited vocal style is used to great effect, growling and snarling in a barely intelligible fashion under all the complicated guitar work. Vital, necessary thrash. [In 2011 the band released a 25th Anniversary Special Edition of Peace Sells, which featured the digitally remastered album with liner notes from Mustaine and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, as well as a bonus disc that included a previously unreleased live show recorded in 1987 in Cleveland, Ohio.] ~ Steve Huey, Rovi