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The dangerous patients at a maximum-security mental hospital break free from their rooms during a power failure, and embark on a grisly murder rampage that's destined to be remembered as one of the worst ever committed. Fifteen years ago, an elusive serial killer known as The Wolf claimed the lives of 15 young girls. Thanks to the work of Detectives Elliott Carbon (John Rhys-Davies) and Johnny Morgan ( Andrew Cymek), The Wolf was eventually captured, locked up, and placed in the care of Dr. Parker (William B. Davis). When the facility loses power and the lights go dark, however, The Wolf and the rest of the inmates seize the opportunity to reclaim their freedom. Now trapped in these winding corridors with a rampaging gang of maniacs, madmen, and murderers, Johnny and Dr. Parker must fight to survive the night, and ensure that no one escapes before order is restored. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf
1. Main Titles [5:48]
2. Dangerous Patients [3:48]
3. Crime Scene [7:29]
4. Grandma's House [11:09]
5. The Wolf [8:10]
6. Emotional Predicament [13:31]
7. Night of the Wolf [5:06]
8. The Inmates Have Taken Over [6:13]
9. The Hand of God [3:48]
10. Cookin' Up a Storm [8:52]
11. "I Just Want to Help You" [7:06]
12. Death by Giant [5:02]
13. "Are You the Woodcutter?" [5:16]
14. "The Truth is Much More Interesting" [8:46]
15. "Hello Little Red!" [7:19]
16. End Credits [3:09]