Dark Souls

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From Software's follow-up to 2009's Demon's Souls features an all-new storyline and setting. The action role-playing game will still retain its predecessor's challenging gameplay, which relies heavily on trial-and-error exploration across regions filled with traps, dungeons, monsters, and other dangers that can kill the unprepared adventurer in an instant. New features include a more seamlessly connected world with different terrain elevations, more varied weapons and magic items, and more freedom to develop and shape your character the way you want instead of being limited by a specific class or job. Also new is the ability to light a "beacon fire," which serves as a recovery point when characters die as well as a meeting point for sharing experience. Both cooperative and competitive multiplayer game types are supported, with the option for online users to leave behind messages and warnings to help other players.

Game Controls


Left Thumbstick = highlight menu item
A Button = select highlighted menu item
B Button = cancel/return to previous menu


Left Thumbstick = move
Right Thumbstick = move camera
Left Thumbstick + Hold B Button = dash
Right Bumper = attack/cast magic
Right Trigger = strong attack
Left Bumper = guard/dual wield weapon action/cast magic
Left Trigger = parry/dual wield weapon
Right Thumbstick Button = target lock/release
B Button = backstep
Left Thumbstick + Tap B Button = roll
A Button = interact
D-Pad = change equipment
X Button = use item
Y Button = change weapon stance
Start Button = open start menu
D-Pad Left/Right = navigate menu options