Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

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Developer Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed Uncharted series returns to PlayStation 3 with Drake's Deception. As globetrotting adventurer Nathan Drake, you must embark on a trip to the mysterious Arabian Desert on a mission to find the legendary "Atlantis of the Sands," otherwise known as the lost city of Ubar. Joined by his mentor, Victor Sullivan, Drake soon discovers that he is in a dangerous race against a covert organization immersed in the occult. For the first time in the Uncharted series, Drake's Deception will offer stereoscopic support for 3D televisions. Promising larger set pieces than those in the two previous games, Uncharted 3 will once again rely on a cinematic presentation that blends Hollywood-style storytelling with dramatic action sequences and special effects that utilize sand, water, smoke, and fire. In addition to his proficiency in ranged combat, Drake can now disable his opponents in other ways. New hand-to-hand combat moves let him take out multiple enemies at once, for example, or Drake can use stealth along with context-specific melee attacks. Both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes are supported, with the developers integrating more single-player elements into the online game for a new experience.

Game Controls


Left Analog Stick = walk/run
Circle Button While Moving in Any Direction = roll
Right Analog Stick = camera rotate/pan
D-Pad Up = view hints
Triangle Button = interact/pick up
Select Button = access the journal/map/cipher disc
Start Button = pause menu


D-Pad Left/Right = weapon select
R2 Button = reload
Circle Button When Standing Next to a Wall or an Object = take cover
Left Analog Stick + Tap Circle Button = transition across a gap while in cover
Left Analog Stick + Hold Circle Button = turn an outside corner while in cover
R1 Button = fire weapon/blind fire
Hold L1 Button + R1 Button = lean out and fire
Hold L1 Button + Right Analog Stick = manual aim
Hold L1 Button + L3 Button = switch shoulder camera while aiming
Hold L1 Button + Triangle Button = switch weapons while aiming
R1 Button + Left Analog Stick = run & gun
R3 Button While in Manual Aim = zoom
L2 Button = throw grenade
Hold L1 Button + L2 Button = throw grenade with a direct throw
Hold L2 Button + Right Control Stick = aim grenade
Triangle Button When in Range of Thrown Enemy Grenade = return a thrown grenade
Triangle Button = pick up ammo


Square Button = hand-to-hand combat
Press Square Button Repeatedly = combo
Circle Button as Enemy Is Attacking = counter enemy strike/grab
Repeatedly Press Circle Button = break enemy grapple
Square Button = attack enemy while in grapple/attack against a wall or object
Circle Button + Left Stick = throw enemy
Square Button After Approaching an Enemy from Behind, Ledge Pulls, Aerial Attacks, and Cover Corner Attacks = stealth attack


X Button = jump/climb
Circle Button = drop down/grab a ledge
Square Button When Standing Above a Ledge or Hanging on a Ledge = land on an enemy
Left Analog Stick = swim
Circle Button While Swiming = dive