Wipeout 2

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Activision's interactive take on the ABC network's hit prime-time game show returns in a cross-console sequel. Choosing one of several eccentric characters, players run, jump, and slide through raised, padded obstacle courses that play out like a life-sized platform game. The game features more than 50 obstacles, including re-creations of the punishing "Sucker Punch," the near-impossible "Big Balls," and other favorites from the television show. Navigation is complicated by the slippery foam, mud, ice, and snow, as players make their way through both summer- and winter-season courses. Virtual versions of hosts John Anderson and John Henson provide their usual commentary, as contestants perform extraordinary physical feats -- or Wipeout trying. Two players can compete head-to-head in challenges such as "Spinning Slapshot" and "Knee Sweeper." The motion-controlled Xbox 360 edition of Wipeout 2 requires Kinect.

Game Controls


Walk in Place = walk forward
Run in Place = run forward
Jump in Place = jump
Crouch Down = crouch
Stand Still = slow stop
Stop Gesture = brake
Hold Stop Gesture = backpedal


Run in Place, then Crouch Down = slide
Lean Left/Right = air control


Left Left/Right = rope swing
Crouch Down = rope descend
Pumping gesture = pump
Lean Left/Right = balance
Jump in Place = ledge climb
Hold Arm Up = skip ahead