The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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Nintendo's best-selling Legend of Zelda franchise returns to Wii with enhanced sword fighting controls and a new setting that takes place high above the clouds. Set before the events chronicled in 1998's Ocarina of Time, the elfin hero known as Link will alternate between two disparate worlds -- a chain of floating islands in the air and a network of dungeons far below -- by using the ancient powers of the titular blade. While previous games featured riding and sailing, Skyward Sword has Link flying. Link will be able to use a large bird to glide, dive, and climb to explore his surroundings. On land, Link must defend himself against an assortment of creatures with his sword, which now takes advantage of the enhanced motion detection found in the Wii Remote Plus. Each thrust, slice, and parry by the player will be carried out by Link at the same time. Other motion-sensitive controls allow players to roll bombs, shoot arrows, and steer flying objects toward their targets. Initial runs of Skyward Sword include as a special bonus, a compact disc with selected music from "The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony." Once supplies have run out, the disc will no longer be included with the game. A limited edition bundle is also available for purchase, which includes the music CD, the game, and a gold-colored Wii Remote Plus controller emblazoned with the Hylian Crest.

Game Controls


Control Stick = move/auto jump
A Button While Moving = dash
Shake Nunchuck While Dashing = forward roll
Z Button = center the camera behind
C Button = look around


Shake the Nunchuk Forward = raise shield
Shake the Nunchuk Before an Incoming Attack Lands = shield bash


D-Pad Down = call fi
A Button = talk, examine, pick up, put away, etc.
Plus Button = view map
Minus Button = equip pouch item
1 Button = view gear
2 Button = view help instructions


Point the Wii Remote Straight Up = charge your sword
Once it Is Charged, Swing the Wii Remote = release a powerful blast


Rotate Wii Remote = send your bird soaring in the direction of your rotation
Shake Wii Remote = make your loftwing flap its wings and gain altitude