Happy Feet Two

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Inspired by 2011's computer-animated film, Happy Feet Two features cooperative dance showdowns as well as belly-sliding races across the ice and snow. Penguin nation is facing the threat of extinction, so its members must band together to ensure their species' survival. Part of the game involves recruiting other penguins into the fold, which means winning them over with the power of rhythmic dance. Players can then use each new penguin's distinctive abilities to stun enemies and progress through the hostile Antarctic setting. Various puzzles must be solved by working cooperatively to manipulate the environment. Los Angeles-based band :Ozomatli performs all of the music in the game, which features an eclectic mix of hip-hop, samba, meringue, salsa, funk, and other influences.

Game Controls


D-Pad = move
Circle Pad = move
Y Button = dance
B Button = jump
A Button = enter warp holes/read tutorial
Start Button = pause
Touch Screen = select dance/call baby penguin


D-Pad = navigate menu
Circle Pad = navigate menu
A Button = advance
B Button = go back
Touch Screen = navigate menu