Amor en Transito

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Love binds four strangers together in this delightful romantic comedy with an ensemble cast. Mercedes has a boyfriend in Barcelona. As the stresses of a long distance relationship begin to take their toll, she looks forward to the time they'll be together again. But before Mercedes can leave Buenos Aires, she's got some business to take care of. Everything changes, however, when Mercedes meets Ariel, and a new love begins to blossom. Meanwhile, in Argentina, Juan searches for his one true love, only to happen across the vulnerable Micaela. Abandoned by her latest lover, the enchanting beauty soon recognizes that romance can arise when you least expect it. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Amor en Transito
1. Scene 1 [7:28]
2. Scene 2 [7:33]
3. Scene 3 [7:18]
4. Scene 4 [3:44]
5. Scene 5 [8:48]
6. Scene 6 [9:33]
7. Scene 7 [11:47]
8. Scene 8 [9:13]
9. Scene 9 [7:53]
10. Scene 10 [8:43]
11. Scene 11 [7:03]
12. Scene 12 [2:46]