Madison County

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A trip to a remote mountain town spells doom for a group of curious college kids researching a notorious serial killer in this bloody backwoods slasher flick. Compelled to visit Madison County after reading a book about the murderous maniac who once lived there, the curious students fail to locate the author of the gruesome tome, and get the cold shoulder from the local townspeople - who claim that no such crimes ever took place. Now the deeper the snooping tourists venture into the woods, the closer they get to the grisly truth. And once they find what they came looking for, no one will be left to confirm the legend of Madison County. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Madison County
1. Prologue [2:27]
2. Camping Trip [9:23]
3. Rest Stop [10:00]
4. Dark Cafe [7:36]
5. Devil in the Woods [11:51]
6. Should We Go In? [8:45]
7. Damien's Mother [12:38]
8. Hostages [6:59]
9. Back To The Dark Cafe [4:34]
10. Credits [6:59]