Bag of Hammers

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A kid in need of adult guidance gets taken under the wings of two guys who stubbornly refuse to mature in this independent comedy. Alan (Jake Sandvig) and Ben (Jason Ritter) are two friends in their mid-twenties who've known each other since high school and still behave as if they're stuck in adolescence. They make a living by pretending to offer valet parking at funerals, stealing the cars and selling them to a fence (Todd Louiso) who runs a garage. While Alan's sister Mel (Rebecca Hall) encourages the two to find a more responsible occupation, they don't do much about it until Lynette (Carrie Preston) moves into the neighborhood. Lynette is a single mother whose livelihood seems no more stable than Alan and Ben's, and when she mysteriously disappears, it falls to them to look after her 12-year-old son Kelsey (Chandler Canterbury). While initially Alan and Ben seem more like destructive playmates than guardians and try to bring Kelsey into their car-theft scheme, in time it occurs to them to start acting a bit more like fit role models for their young companion. A Bag of Hammers was the first feature film from writer and director Brian Crano. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- A Bag of Hammers
1. Favorite Degenerates [3:55]
2. The Wiggles Waffle Wiggle [1:45]
3. Getting Sloppy [3:07]
4. Returning the Merchandise [3:17]
5. Placement [5:10]
6. Casting Doubt [3:55]
7. BBQ [4:24]
8. House Call [5:22]
9. The Risks of Honesty [3:55]
10. Desperation [4:45]
11. A Bag of Hammers [9:00]
12. "Him or Me?" [4:35]
13. Worthless Solo [5:35]
14. Reconciliation [7:01]
15. "It Could Have Been..." [6:32]
16. The New People [5:34]
17. Epilogue [3:16]
18. End Credits [3:51]