Mario Tennis Open

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Nintendo's multi-talented mascot brings his ferocious forehand to the 3DS as up to four gamers can team up or square off in Mario Tennis Open. Series mainstays like Bowser, Peach, and Yoshi join in the action as players use wicked spin, execute drop shots and lobs, or step into Chance Areas to unleash supercharged Chance Shots. Gamers can choose touch-screen or button controls, and multiplayer options include local or online singles and doubles matches, automatic skill matching in "Open Match" mode, online leaderboards, and information sharing with StreetPass.

Game Controls


Lower Screen (Touch Screen) or A, B, X, Y Buttons = take shot
Circle Pad = move
X Button = simple shot
A Button = topspin
Y Button = flat shot
B Button = slice
A Button + B Button = lob
B Button + A Button = drop shot