Madden NFL 13

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EA Sports' definitive NFL football series returns to Xbox 360 gamers with a new real-time physics engine, redesigned passing, new announcers, and Kinect-enabled playcalling in Madden NFL 13. The new, more realistic passing gives quarterbacks 20 dropbacks, 20 different pass trajectories, eight in-pocket moves, and shovel passes, and now receivers and defenders must actually see the ball before they can make a play on it. Kinect gamers can also issue verbal commands to call plays, adjust blocking, send receivers on hot routes, and snap the ball. Madden NFL 13 has received a complete presentation overhaul designed to more closely resemble a real CBS broadcast. This includes dynamic in-game transitions, a live ticker, and commentary from Phil Simms and Jim Nantz. The new "Connected Careers" mode melds the traditional "Franchise" and "Superstar" modes, and combines them with a variety of online features. Gamers can still control current, created, or Hall-of-Fame players, or become a coach and manage every aspect of their team's operations, but now they can do it all as part of an online league with up to 31 other people.