FIFA Soccer 13

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EA Sports' massively popular soccer sim returns to the pitch for a 20th season of action with five significant gameplay changes, more than 30 real-world leagues, updated online features, and Kinect controls. New changes to the A.I. have players breaking down defenses and making runs to open up passing lanes, while more precise dribbling controls give gamers full 360-degree mobility, and first-touch control helps defenders win back possession after errant passes and bad touches. New free kick tools also let gamers adjust their wall defenders or go on dummy runs to confuse the keeper. The career-based "Be a Pro" mode returns, while the RPG-like "EA Sports Football Club" lets players earn rewards, take on challenges, and level up in a variety of different gameplay modes, keeping track of all relevant stats, and offering up real-world storylines to keep things interesting. Kinect gamers can use voice commands to call for the ball, change formations, alter tactics, make substitutions, and even yell at referees, possibly earning themselves a booking in the process.