Prince Rama

Top Ten Hits of the End of the World

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Track Listing

  1. Blade of Austerity (Channeling Guns of Dubai)
  2. Those Who Live for Love Will Live Forever (Channeling I M M O R T a L I
  3. No Way Back (Channeling Nu Fighters)
  4. So Destroyed (Channeling Rage Peace)
  5. Receive (Channeling Taohaus)
  6. Radhamadhava (Channeling Goloka)
  7. Fire Sacrifice (Channeling Black Elk Speaks)
  8. Welcome to the Now Age (Channeling Hyparxia)
  9. Exercise Ecstasy (Channeling the Metaphysixxx)
  10. We Will Fall in Love Again (Channeling Motel Memory)