Wake in Fright

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Outback was based on Kenneth Cook's novel -Wake in Fright. Gary Bond plays a naive young Australian teacher who is tragically unprepared for his new position in the outback. The community he has been sent to is populated almost exclusively by amoral, primitive toughs, more interested in slaughtering kangaroos and sexual carousing than in such niceties as education or propriety. The methodical shattering of Bond's dearly held values plunge the young teacher deeper into degeneracy. Outback was so graphic in its original Australian version that 15 minutes had to be cut before American distributor Group W would consider touching it. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Wake in Fright
1. Main Titles [6:18]
2. Only Staying the Night [6:40]
3. Paradise on Earth [14:17]
4. $200 on Tails [8:25]
5. Not a Buff [10:17]
6. Drink Up [10:14]
7. She'll Try Anything [12:04]
8. Kangaroo Hunt [6:21]
9. He's a Beauty [12:18]
10. Shower and Shave [8:46]
11. Straight Through [11:55]
12. End Credits [:58]