Resident Evil Revelations

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An updated version of the 2012 3DS title, Capcom's long-running and complex survival horror series takes to the high seas as players battle twisted mutants through an abandoned cruise ship in Resident Evil Revelations. Upgraded graphics and sound accompany gamers as they guide Jill Valentine, Parker Luciani, and other BSAA operatives through the halls of the SS Queen Zenobia on a hunt for Chris Redfield. From there things get significantly more complicated, with terrorist plots, short land missions, and flashbacks breaking up the seaborne action. As always, players must skillfully manage their ammunition, weapons, and inventory to survive their confrontations with mutated monsters. The main campaign offers a variety of difficulty modes, including the new, extremely difficult Infernal mode, while the Raid mode lets gamers battle waves of enemies, level up characters, and earn weapons upgrades in solo or online co-op multiplayer action. The Raid mode also offers more weapons, skills, and playable characters, including the mysterious series mainstay Hunk.