Saints Row IV

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Volition's over-the-top action-adventure series takes a sharp turn by adding aliens, super powers, and presidential politics to its mix of gang-banging, car theft, and general criminal mischief. Set five years after the events of Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV once again puts players in charge of the leader of the Third Street Saints Gang, who has now been elected president of the United States. Unfortunately, the planet is then invaded by the Zin race and their supreme overlord Zinyak, who abducts the cabinet and places them into a virtual version of the city Steelport. The simulated version of Steelport is designed to break the will of the captive cabinet, which includes several members of rival gangs and even actor Keith David as vice president, but the virtual nature of the city also allows players to operate outside the bounds of physics. As gamers explore the city and collect hidden object "clusters" they can begin unlocking and upgrading a variety of super powers, such as telekinesis, super speed, concussive blasts, and force fields. Players can also make use of outlandish new weapons like a mechanized robot suit, the Black Hole Launcher, and the Dubstep Gun, which makes enemies dance while they are being shot. Causing chaos in the virtual version of Steelport attracts attention, just as it did in the real version of the city in Saints Row: The Third. But instead of fending off gangs and police, players do battle with a variety of different aliens, robots, and spaceships. And instead of wresting control of the city away from rival factions, gamers perform missions to take control of portions of the simulation. The franchise's signature customization returns, giving players hundreds of different ways to individualize their characters, weapons, and vehicles, and multiplayer fans can once again join a friend for drop-in, drop-out co-op adventures.

Game Controls


Left Analog Stick = move/select weapon
L3 Button = crouch toggle
Right Analog Stick = camera
R3 Button = melee bash
L2 Button = sprint
L1 Button = fine aim/secondary attack
R2 Button = use superpower
R1 Button = primary attack
X Button = jump
Hold X Button = super jump
Circle Button = inventory
Square Button = reload
Hold Square Button = pick up weapon/object
Triangle Button = action/enter vehicle/hold human shield/throw human shield
D-Pad Up = select telekinesis
Hold D-Pad Up = recruit followers
D-Pad Left = select blast
Hold D-Pad Left = taunt
D-Pad Down = select buff
Hold D-Pad Down = dismiss followers
D-Pad Right = select stomp
Hold D-Pad Right = compliment
Select Button = hub menu
Start Button = pause menu


Left Analog Stick = steer/select weapon
Right Analog Stick = camera
R3 Button = honk horn
L1 Button = nitrous
L2 Button = brake/reverse
R1 Button = primary attack
R2 Button = accelerate
X Button = drift
Circle Button = inventory
Square Button = look behind
Triangle Button = action/exit vehicle
D-Pad Up = recruit followers
D-Pad Left/Right = change radio station
D-Pad Down = scan current vehicle
Select Button = hub menu
Start Button = pause menu


X Button = accelerate (plane)/up (heli)
Circle Button = switch flight mode (ftol)
Square Button = brake/reverse (plane)/down (heli)
L2 Button = turn left
R2 Button = turn right
R1 Button = aircraft primary attack
L1 Button = aircraft secondary attack