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Directed by Paul Abascal, Paparazzi chronicles the aftermath of four paparazzi photographers whose search for the all-important "perfect shot" ends in a tragic car accident. Movie star Bo Laramie (Cole Hauser) is understandably furious when, thanks to the notorious celebrity-chasers, his wife, Abby (Robin Tunney), is seriously injured, and his eight-year-old son is paralyzed. After the accident, Bo dedicates his life to putting a stop to a paparazzo's deadly overzealousness. ~ Tracie Cooper, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Paparazzi
1. Chapter 1 [10:15]
2. Chapter 2 [9:44]
3. Chapter 3 [10:01]
4. Chapter 4 [9:20]
5. Chapter 5 [10:30]
6. Chapter 6 [10:09]
7. Chapter 7 [10:00]
8. Chapter 8 [10:36]
9. Chapter 9 [3:48]