NBA 2K14

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The definitive annual basketball simulation returns for another season with more than 3,000 new animations, updated controls, the debut of Euroleague basketball, a soundtrack hand-picked by LeBron James, and the resurrection of the Crews mode in NBA 2K14. Updated Pro Stick controls offer gamers more command over their dribbling, defense, and shot type, with players now executing no-look passes and circus shots, and defenders blocking dunks and diving on the floor for loose balls, while the My Player career mode returns with improved teammate AI and new rewards for playing stout defense. NBA 2K14 makes use of Dynamic Living Rosters, which adjusts rosters to reflect real-world injuries, and updates ratings based on the tendencies and performance of real players. The Signature Skills player modification feature returns, with six new options that let gamers turn their My Player character into a One Man Fastbreak, Flashy Passer, Pick & Roll Maestro, Screen Outlet, Pick Dodger, or Tenacious Rebounder. In addition to consulting on the soundtrack, James gets the dedicated Path to Greatness mode, which lets gamers live out the past, present, and future career of the superstar. Fans of European basketball can now take control of 14 different Euroleague teams, complete with real rosters, logos, and stadiums, while fans of classic NBA action can once again take control of legends like Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson. Local and online multiplayer action remains key to the NBA 2K14 experience, with the return of the Crews mode once again letting gamers join friends and act as an individual player during five-on-five action. <--PS3-->

Game Controls


Left Analog Stick = move player
Right Analog Stick = dribble moves & shooting
L2 Button = switch between dribble stick & shot stick
R2 Button = sprint
L1 Button = positional plays/pick control
R1 Button = icon pass
X Button = pass/touch pass
Circle Button = hop step
Tap Square Button = pump fake
Square Button = shoot
Triangle Button = post-up
D-Pad Up = signature skills hud
D-Pad Right = otfc quick plays
D-Pad Left = otfc offense strategy
D-Pad Down = otfc substitutions
Select Button = timeout
Start Button = pause


Left Analog Stick = move player
Right Analog Stick = hands up/lunge/hard foul/sprint
R3 Button = wrap foul
L2 Button = intense d
R2 Button = sprint
L1 Button = double team
R1 Button = icon swap
X Button = player swap closest to ball
Circle Button = take charge
Square Button = steal
Triangle Button = block/rebound
D-Pad Up = signature skills hud
D-Pad Right = oftc defensive sets
D-Pad Left = otfc defensive strategy
D-Pad Down = otfc substitutions
Select Button = intentional foul
Start Button = pause