Mark Knopfler


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Track Listing

  1. Redbud Tree
  2. Haul Away
  3. Don't Forget Your Hat
  4. Privateering
  5. Miss You Blues
  6. Corned Beef City
  7. Go Love
  8. Hot or What
  9. Yon Two Crows
  10. Seattle
  11. Kingdom of Gold
  12. Got to Have Something
  13. Radio City Serenade
  14. I Used to Could
  15. Gator Blood
  16. Bluebird
  17. Dream of the Drowned Submariner
  18. Blood and Water
  19. Today Is Okay
  20. After the Bean Stalk
  21. Why Aye Man (Rehearsal Desk Mixes)
  22. Cleaning My Gun (Unmixed 2-Track) (Rehearsal Desk Mixes)
  23. Corned Beef City (Unmixed 2-Track) (Rehearsal Desk Mixes)
  24. Sailing to Philadelphia (Rehearsal Desk Mixes)
  25. Hill Farmer's Blues (Unmixed 2-Track) (Rehearsal Desk Mixes)