Killzone: Shadow Fall

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The sixth title in the Killzone series, Shadow Fall is set on the planet Vekta 30 years after the events of Killzone 3. Helghast refugees who fled Helghan have been allowed to settle on Vekta, segregated from the rest of the population by a great wall. In the game's single-player storyline gamers step into the role of Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan, one of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance's finest whose job it is to preserve the peace on Vekta. Players have access to 22 weapons and a variety of technology, including a combat drone. All 22 weapons and three classes (Assault, Scout, and Support) are unlocked from the outset of Shadow Fall's multiplayer mode while skills and equipment can be upgraded over time. Rather than simply gaining experience points, players will have more than 1,500 skill-based challenges to complete during matches that unlock a variety of weapon augmentations. Ten maps are available at the time of the game's release with more promised post-launch and free of charge.

Game Controls


Left Analog Stick = move
Right Analog Stick = look
R1 Button = throw explosive
R2 Button = fire weapon
R3 Button = melee
L1 Button = owl command
L2 Button = zoom
L3 Button = sprint
Triangle Button = crouch/use
Square Button = reload
X Button = jump/climb
D-Pad Left = adrenaline
D-Pad Up = objective direction
Hold D-Pad Up = objective menu
Hold D-Pad Right = tactical echo
D-Pad Down = alternative fire mode
Touchpad Swipe Up = owl attack mode
Touchpad Swipe Right = owl zip-line mode
Touchpad Swipe Down = owl shield mode
Touchpad Swipe Left = owl stun mode
Options Button = options