EA Sports UFC

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EA Sports UFC brings gamers to the world of mixed martial arts with authentic venues, dozens of real fighters across a variety of weight classes, and a playable version of the legendary Bruce Lee. The game is designed to authentically depict every aspect of MMA bouts, from realistic likenesses and facial expressions, to full-body deformation upon impact, and the skin-discoloration, bulging veins, and fatigue one would expect from extreme physical exertion. A non-linear damage system also means players must guard against energy-sapping cuts and bruises as well as single-strike knockouts. Gamers must also master the mental side of the sport, as the MMAi system means licensed fighters will come into any battle with a particular game plan based on their real tendencies, but they may quickly alter their approach if the need arises. Mental fortitude is also of paramount importance during submission battles, as players must work through multiple stages to apply, or escape from, potential match-ending submissions. Those who wish to forge their own path can create a fighter in the Career mode, choose from eight different weight classes and ten different fighting styles, and then lead him or her through the Ultimate Fighter Tournament, into a long UFC career, and eventually make it into the Hall of Fame.