Just Dance 2014

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Ubisoft's motion-controlled dance series returns with more than 40 hit tracks, new and upgraded modes, and for the first time in the series, online multiplayer action. As always, players use their Wii Remote to mimic on-screen prompts and pull off dance moves to earn high scores. The new World Dance Floor mode lets gamers head online and join a virtual crew of friends to compete in themed contests and check global leaderboards. Multiplayer fans can also take on the new On Stage mode, with one player serving as the lead dancer and two others performing backup moves. The Just Sweat mode returns with more customization options for those looking to burn a few calories, the Classic mode returns for those who just want to dance and sing for fun, and Wii U gamers can take on the exclusive Party Master mode, which lets one player use the GamePad to pick out songs, choose dance moves, and issue challenges to the rest of the gamers. The track listing offers a number of classic and contemporary hits, including &"99 Luftballoons" by :Nena, &"Blurred Lines" by :Robin Thicke, &"I Will Survive" by :Gloria Gaynor, and &"Get Lucky" by :Daft Punk.