LEGO The Hobbit

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Having already translated The Lord of the Rings trilogy into LEGO games, developer Traveller's Tales turns its attention to Tolkien's other classic in LEGO The Hobbit. Based on the first two films in the series, the game lets players take control of Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, Thorin Oakenshield, and other uniquely skilled characters as they travel across Middle-earth. Gamers engage in light-hearted battles with orcs, trolls, and other beasts, solve environmental puzzles in iconic locations, go on treasure quests, craft magical items, and build large LEGO structures.

Game Controls


L1 Button = toggle character
L2 Button = toggle weapon/item
R1 Button = toggle character
R2 Button = toggle weapon/item
Left Analog Stick = move character
Start Button = pause/in-game options
Right Analog Stick = move camera
Triangle Button = change character
Hold Triangle Button = inventory
Circle Button = build/use/activate
Square Button = attack or shoot
Hold Square Button = aim
X Button = jump/double jump