NBA 2K15

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Visual Concepts' hit basketball simulation series returns with a new franchise mode, a soundtrack curated by :Pharrell Williams and an expanded Euroleague in NBA 2K15. The new MyGM mode replaces MyFranchise, and offers new GM tools, an updated conversation system, upgraded player progression options, and a vastly expanded scouting and drafting system. General Managers must now back up their promises to players, provide more substantive answers to reporters, and deal with dynamic ownership expectations, or face potential morale issues, tougher questions, and unhappy bosses. Scouting has been completely changed to reflect the amount of research and still-lingering uncertainty that goes into the real draft process. The draft pool has been expanded to 150 players, and NBA 2K15 offers full stats from a simulated college basketball season, the draft combine, and even mock drafts and social media rumors from journalists and fans. Player progression is now split between offseason training and in-season workout sessions, and durability ratings now apply to 16 different body parts. The card-based MyTeam mode returns in NBA 2K15 to once again let gamers attempt to build a dream team made up of the best players from any era, with a new auction system designed to let users target the specific players they want. Within the MyTeam umbrella, players can take on Road to the Playoffs, Domination, and Play with Friends modes, as well as tackle weekly single- and multiplayer scenarios in the Challenges mode.

Game Controls


Left Analog Stick = move player
Right Analog Stick = dribble moves/shooting/passing or quick step/hands up
R2 Button = sprint
R1 Button = icon pass or icon swap
L2 Button = pass modifier or intense d
Triangle Button = post-up or block/rebound
Circle Button = pick control or take charge
X Button = pass/touch pass or player swap (closest to ball)
L1 Button = call play or double team
Click Touchpad = rhythm check
Options Button = pause


Left Analog Stick = move player
Right Analog Stick (Pro Stick) = dribble moves/shooting/passing
L2 Button = pass modifier
R2 Button = sprint
L1 Button = call play
R1 Button = icon pass
X Button = pass/touch pass
Circle Button = pick control
Square Button = shoot
Tap Square Button = pump fake/hop
Double Tap Square Button = spin gather
Triangle Button = post-up
D-Pad Up = gameplay hud
D-Pad Right = points of emphasis
D-Pad Left = otfc quick plays/offense strategy
D-Pad Down = otfc substitutions


Left Analog Stick = move player
Right Analog Stick = quick step/hands up
L2 Button = intense d
R2 Button = sprint
L1 Button = double team
R1 Button = icon swap
X Button = player swap (closest to ball)
Circle Button = take charge
Square Button = steal
Hold Square Button = intentional foul
Triangle Button = block/rebound
D-Pad Up = gameplay hud
D-Pad Right = points of emphasis
D-Pad Left = otfc defensive sets
D-Pad Down = otfc substitutions