Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

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Set between the first two titles in Gearbox Software's popular shoot-and-loot series, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel tells the story of Handsome Jack's rise to power, and puts gamers in charge of one of his four henchmen. Players can choose from the Gladiator Athena, the Enforcer Wilhelm, Nisha the Lawbringer, or Claptrap, the wisecracking Fragtrap robot, and guide them around Pandora's moon Elpis. As always, up to four gamers battle hordes of enemies, collect scores of different weapons and shields, and upgrade their characters as they gain loot and experience. The cold, low-gravity environments of Elpis and the Hyperion Corporation's Helios space station enable a variety of new gameplay features in The Pre-Sequel. Characters possess an oxygen tank when outside of regularly oxygenated areas, and the tank slowly depletes, forcing players to seek out oxygen geysers, generators, or canisters that drop from fallen enemies. The low gravity also means gamers can travel much further when leaping, albeit rather slowly, and they can even vent their oxygen tanks to get a jetpack-like boost. Other new features include laser weapons, a Cryo elemental damage modifier that freezes enemies, and ground pound melee attacks.

Game Controls


Left Thumbstick = navigate options
A Button = select option
B Button = exit menu


Left Thumbstick = move/strafe
Right Thumbstick = look
A Button = jump
A Button + A Button = oz kit double jump
B Button = crouch
Hold B Button = trade
Tap B Button Whilst Jumping = oz kit quick land
Hold B Button Whilst Jumping = oz kit slam
X Button = use/reload
Y Button = cycle weapon
Hold Y Button = inspect player
Left Trigger = aim
Right Trigger = fire weapon
Left Bumper = grenade
D-Pad = select weapon
Left Thumbstick Button = sprint
Right Thumbstick Button = melee
Back Button = echo device
Start Button = pause menu


Left Thumbstick = drive
Right Thumbstick = turn
A Button = switch vehicle seats
B Button = exit vehicle
X Button = enter vehicle seat
Left Trigger = vehicle weapon alt-fire
Right Trigger = fire weapon
Left bumper = vehicle boost
Right Bumper = vehicle handbrake
Right Bumper = slam
Left Thumbstick Button = vehicle horn
Right Thumbstick Button = vehicle rear view