Dario Marianelli

The Boxtrolls (Original Soundtrack)

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Track Listing

  1. The Unspeakable Has Happened
  2. The Scavengers
  3. The Boxtrolls Cavern
  4. Eggs' Music Box
  5. Quattro Sabatino-Music and Lyrics By Dario Marianelli. Performed By Peter Harris Alex Tsilogiannis
  6. One Busy Night
  7. Rooftop Chase
  8. Broken Eggs
  9. Cheesebridge Funfair
  10. The Boxtrolls Song-Words and Music By Eric Idle. Performed By Mark Orton and Loch Lomond
  11. Snatcher and His Stooges
  12. Allergic
  13. To the Rescue
  14. I'm Sure I Am Delicious
  15. I Was Given to Them
  16. What's a Father
  17. Slap Waltz
  18. Snatcher's 'Dramatical' Entrance
  19. Look What You Did
  20. Jelly!
  21. Last Battlescore
  22. Say Cheese
  23. Little Boxes-Composed By Malvina Reynolds Performed By Loch Lomond
  24. Some Kids-Words and Music By Jessie Donaldson. Performed By Loch Lomond
  25. Whole World-Arranged By Ritchie Young. Performed By Loch Lomond