Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

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Team Ninja's titillating fighting series debuts on PS4 with new characters and stages, and all released DLC in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Gamers can now choose from 34 characters, including the new additions Honoka and Raidou, and battle in 26 different arenas, including the return of the classic Crimson and Danger Zone stages. Characters also have new costumes and hairstyles, the graphics have been upgraded, and the included DLC offers more than 20 alternate costume sets. Combat once again takes a rock-paper-scissors form, with participants exchanging a series of strikes, holds, and throws to outmuscle their opponent. Landing specific moves leaves opponents in a Critical Stun state, which prevents blocking and can lead to devastating Critical Combos, Power Blows, and the Power Launcher move. The Team Fight mode lets crews of seven fighters duke it out for ultimate supremacy, while the Prize Fighters system, character points, and added grades have been included to reward the most skilled players with another challenge.

Game Controls


Left Analog Stick = move
X Button = throw
Circle Button = kick
Square Button = guard
Triangle Button = punch
L1 Button = strong punch
R1 Button = tag change
L2 Button = taunt
R2 Button = strong kick
D-Pad = move
Options Button = pause
Options Button (Hold) = accept a throwdown challenge ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide