Guilty Pleasure

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Pizza, Sex, and Trolls 1:53
  2. Hate Me 3:41
  3. Rebel 3:18
  4. Guilty Pleasure 3:53
  5. I've Got Your Back 3:26
  6. Proving Grounds 3:27
  7. I Am Satan :20
  8. Break My Addiction 3:00
  9. Horsepig 4:00
  10. Dirty Dirty 3:25
  11. Fake Friends 3:12
  12. Don't Be Basic :19
  13. The Cure 3:15


The sixth long-player from the Atlanta-based kings of bro-metal, the aptly named Guilty Pleasure opens with a song called "Pizza, Sex, and Trolls," an expletive-laden (the word "explicit" appears next to every song title) takedown of the band's many detractors that includes enough drop-D posturing, fevered breakdowns, and live-wire hammer-ons to effectively close the book on party-metalcore. Longtime fans will find much to love here, as songs like "I Am Satan," "Horsepig," and the meaty, Fred Durst-loving title cut, are virtually interchangeable, with highlights from previous outings. Still, what the album lacks in diversity it more than makes up for in sheer volume, offering up a maelstrom of sonic carnage that prompted frontman Chris Fronzak to opine "Musically, this is the heaviest album we've ever written." ~ James Christopher Monger, Rovi