Duran Duran

Rio [Deluxe Edition]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Rio 5:37
  2. My Own Way 4:50
  3. Lonely in Your Nightmare 3:51
  4. Hungry Like the Wolf 3:40
  5. Hold Back the Rain 4:00
  6. New Religion 5:32
  7. Last Chance on the Stairway 4:20
  8. Save a Prayer 5:33
  9. The Chauffeur 5:21
  10. Rio [US Album Remix] [*] 5:25
  11. My Own Way [Carnival Remix] [*] 4:29
  12. Lonely in Your Nightmare [US Album Remix] [*] 4:52
  13. Hungry Like the Wolf [US Album Remix] [*] 4:03
  14. Hold Back the Rain [US Album Remix] [*] 6:30
  15. Last Chance on the Stairway [Manchester Square Demo] [Demo Version] 5:04
  16. My Own Way [Manchester Square Demo] [Demo Version] 4:38
  17. New Religion [Manchester Square Demo] [Demo Version] 5:33
  18. Like an Angel [Manchester Square Demo] [Demo Version] 5:02
  19. My Own Way [Original 7" Version] [Version] 3:40
  20. Like an Angel 4:43
  21. Careless Memories [Live] [Live] 4:14
  22. The Chauffeur (Blue Silver) [Early Version] [Version] 3:53
  23. My Own Way [Night Version] [Version] 6:33
  24. Hungry Like the Wolf [Night Version] [Version] 5:11
  25. Rio [Night Version] [Version] 6:40
  26. New Religion [Carnival Remix] 5:14
  27. Hold Back the Rain [Carnival Remix] 7:19
  28. Simon's Christmas Message 1982


From its Nagel cover to the haircuts and overall design -- and first and foremost the music -- Rio is as representative of the '80s at its best as it gets. The original Duran Duran's high point, and just as likely the band's as a whole, its fusion of style and substance ensures that even two decades after its release it remains as listenable and danceable as ever. The quintet integrates its sound near-perfectly throughout, the John and Roger Taylor rhythm section providing both driving propulsion and subtle pacing. For the latter, consider the lush, semi-tropical sway of "Save a Prayer," or the closing paranoid creep of "The Chauffeur," a descendant of Roxy Music's equally affecting dark groover "The Bogus Man." Andy Taylor's muscular riffs provide fine rock crunch throughout, Rhodes' synth wash adds perfect sheen, and Le Bon tops it off with sometimes overly cryptic lyrics that still always sound just fine in context, courtesy of his strong delivery. Rio's two biggest smashes burst open the door in America for the New Romantic/synth rock crossover. "Hungry Like the Wolf" blended a tight, guitar-heavy groove with electronic production and a series of instant hooks, while the title track was even more anthemic, with a great sax break from guest Andy Hamilton adding to the soaring atmosphere. Lesser known cuts like "Lonely in Your Nightmare" and "Last Chance on the Stairway" still have pop thrills a-plenty, while "Hold Back the Rain" is the sleeper hit on Rio, an invigorating blast of feedback, keyboards and beat that doesn't let up. From start to finish, a great album that has outlasted its era. [A 2015 Deluxe Edition added a disc and tripled the track count.] ~ Ned Raggett, Rovi