NHL 16

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EA's annual hockey simulation returns with expanded multiplayer modes and new ways to act as a player or general manager in NHL 16. Aspiring GMs can now manage the personalities and morale of their NHL and AHL players to ensure the team runs smoothly, while the Be a Pro career mode now features player progression that is directly tied to what gamers do on the ice. The card-collecting Hockey Ultimate Team also returns with upgraded player-management options and a new single-player season mode to let players improve their skills before heading online for single games or full seasons. Multiplayer fans have a variety of ways to team up or compete with friends, including six-on-six online team play with controllable goalies, online couch co-op, and the EA Sports Hockey League, which now allows gamers to choose from specialized player classes. NHL 16 also offers new gameplay features, including precision skating, seamless puck pickups, and enhanced goalie controls, and the action is designed to be as realistic as ever thanks to distinct team arenas, story-driven commentary from Doc Emrick and former players Eddie Olczyk and Ray Ferraro, enhanced facial features and equipment details for superstars, and even playoff beards that grow realistically.