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EA's annual soccer simulation returns to the pitch with defensive upgrades, new passing mechanics, and women's national teams in FIFA 16. Gamers now have more ways to stop opposing strikers thanks to 25 changes to defender mobility and locomotion, new team defense AI, and new tackling mechanics, while midfielders can turn the tide with enhanced possession skills and pinpoint passing. Offensive players also have more options, with no-touch dribbling and more precise crosses and finishes, while the FIFA Trainer mode provides an optional graphic overlay to help players make good decisions. FIFA 16 lets gamers take control of dozens of real-world teams and hundreds of players, and it includes more than 70 stadiums, including 50 real arenas. And for the first time in series history, the game includes female players from 12 different national teams, including superstars like Abby Wambach, Eniola Aluko, and Kosovare Asllani. Players can take on traditional tournament, career, and friendly modes, while the card-collecting FIFA Ultimate Team mode returns with a new draft option, a new broadcast presentation, and an updated interface.

Game Controls



Left Analog Stick = move player
Left Analog Stick + R2 Button = sprint
Left Analog Stick (Release) + R2 Button = stop ball
Left Analog Stick (Release) + L1 Button = stop and face goal
Left Analog Stick (Hold) + L2 Button = protect/slow dribble/jockey
Right Analog Stick = skill moves
Right Analog Stick + R2 Button = first touch/knock-on
L2 Button + R2 Button = face up dribbling


L1 Button = trigger player run
L1 Button + Circle Button = chip shot
R1 Button + Circle Button = finesse shot
X Button = short pass/header
Circle Button = shoot/volley/header
Square Button = lob pass/cross/header
Triangle Button = through ball
Circle Button Then Left Analog Stick + X Button = fake shot
Square Button Then Left Analog Stick + X Button = fake pass


Left Analog Stick + L2 Button = protect ball (when dribbling)
Left Analog Stick + L1 Button = no touch small feints
X Button + R1 Button = driven ground pass
X Button + L2 Button = fancy pass
Circle Button + L2 Button (Hold) = flair shot
Square Button (Double Tap) = low cross
Square Button (Triple Tap) = ground cross
Square Button + R1 Button = bouncing lob pass
Square Button + L1 Button = early cross
Triangle Button + L1 Button = lobbed through ball
L1 Button + R2 Button = no touch big feints
L1 Button + L2 Button = manual protect
R1 Button (Hold) = dummy a pass
L2 Button + R2 Button = cancel


D-Pad Up Twice = offside trap
D-Pad Up Then D-Pad Down = team press
D-Pad Up Then D-Pad Left = swap wings
D-Pad Up Then D-Pad Right = CB joins attack


Right Analog Stick = manual switch player
X Button (Hold) = contain
Circle Button = clearance
Circle Button = tackle/push or pull (when chasing)
Circle Button (Hold) = pull and hold (when chasing)
Square Button = sliding tackle
Square Button = quick get up (after slide tackle)
L1 Button = change player
R1 Button (Hold) = teammate contain
L2 Button (Hold) = jockey
L2 Button + R2 Button = running jockey


X Button = throw/pass
Circle Button or Square Button = drop kick
Triangle Button = charge/drop ball
Triangle Button (Double Tap) = stay on goal line
R1 Button = pick up ball
Select Button = switch to goalkeeper


X Button = ground pass/wall charge
Circle Button = curled shot
Circle Button and L1 Button = driven shot
Square Button = high pass/cross
Triangle Button = wall jump (when defending)
R1 Button = wall creep
L2 Button or R2 Button = move wall


R1 Button = call 3rd kicker
R1 Button + Circle Button = 3rd kick taker curled shot
R1 Button + Circle Button Then X Button = 3rd kick taker run over ball
L2 Button = call 2nd kick taker
L2 Button + Circle Button = 2nd kick taker curled shot
L2 Button + X Button = 2nd kick taker layoff pass
L2 Button + Square Button = 2nd kick taker layoff chip
L2 Button + Circle Button Then X Button = 2nd kick taker run over ball


Right Analog Stick = move throw in receiver
X Button = corners (pass)/short throw in
Square Button = corners (lob cross)/long throw in
Square Button (Double Tap) = corners (low cross)
Square Button (Triple Tap) = corners (ground cross)
Triangle Button = manual short throw in


Left Analog Stick = move goalkeeper side to side
Right Analog Stick = keeper dive
Circle Button = shoot
Circle Button + L1 Button = chip shot
Circle Button + R1 Button = finesse shot ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide