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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Got Your Six 2:58
  2. Jekyll and Hyde 3:26
  3. Wash It All Away 3:44
  4. Ain't My Last Dance 3:28
  5. My Nemesis 3:35
  6. No Sudden Movement 3:21
  7. Question Everything 5:05
  8. Hell to Pay 3:08
  9. Digging My Own Grave 3:47
  10. Meet My Maker 2:59
  11. Boots and Blood 2:45


Five Finger Death Punch are one of the most popular alt-metal bands with three gold records, enviable radio play, and sold-out tours. Their instantly recognizable sound is comprised of equal parts melodic yet meaty guitar riffs, fat vamps, catchy hooks with tight guitar solos, grooving bass, and drums, with Ivan Moody's half-sung/half-growled -- and always angry -- vocals on top. That sound has been pervasive on every album and Got Your Six is no different. Recorded and co-produced by Kevin Churko, it's a tad slicker and bigger than its predecessors. While the first two singles, "Jeckyll and Hyde" and "Hell to Pay," were both celebrated by fans, the best tracks are "No Sudden Movement" and "Question Everything." ~ Thom Jurek, Rovi