WWE 2K16

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Fans of athletic entertainment can hit the ring with improved controls, overhauled online action, and more than 120 playable wrestlers in WWE 2K16. Gamers can take control of more than 120 WWE superstars, including "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and then take advantage of new controls that separate strikes from grapples and offer new attack positions, new working holds, new reversal and pin systems, and improved AI for wrestlers, managers, and referees. The popular 2K Showcase and MyCareer modes return, and players can use the Creation Suite to design custom wrestlers, arenas, and events. WWE 2K16 offers a variety of new match types, including ladder, handicap, and tornado tag matches, and a new submission system given wrestlers new ways to dominate their opponents. A great deal of work was done to improve the game's presentation, including new dynamic entrances, upgraded visuals, and thousands of lines of new commentary from announcers Michael Cole, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and series new comer John "Bradshaw" Layfield.