Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice -- Launch Edition

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Games include game, cover art, and case. Game data from previous use may be present, but can be overwritten or deleted. Bonus downloadable or promotional content may have already been redeemed. Cleaning and repair was done as required.

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Sega's speedy mascot returns with new elemental gameplay and a new bad guy to battle in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. Sonic's old nemesis Dr. Eggman discovers a powerful new element known as Ragnium and uses it as fuel to power bot racers designed to catch the famed blue hedgehog. Meanwhile, the runoff from Eggman's mining has turned nearby islands into raging infernos or frigid wastelands, and the powerful new henchman D-Fekt oversees the whole operation. The action finds Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Sticks, and Tails battling foes and racing through a variety of levels. Players can switch between characters to take advantage of their unique skills, and Fire & Ice also incorporates the titular elements into obstacles, environmental puzzles, and character abilities, and game worlds end with bosses big enough to fill both 3DS screens. Gamers can also join a friend for two-player bot races in which they collect artifacts to unlock six new tracks, and Fire & Ice also includes several mini-games, including the Sea Fox mode. This Launch edition includes the full game as well as a DVD containing three episodes of the Sonic Boom animated series.