London Taxi: Rush Hour

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Inspired by Sega's Crazy Taxi series, London Taxi: Rush Hour features four cab drivers on a madcap mission to deliver fares across central London. Two camera angles include a dashboard view and a third-person perspective set directly behind the vehicle. As with most racing games on the system, the Wii Remote is held horizontally as players rock it left and right to simulate steering. The goal is to deliver as many impatient passengers to their requested destinations as time allows. Crowded streets, parks, and noted landmarks are mere distractions to the high-speed mission, which is aided by an onscreen arrow indicating the general direction of travel. Players are also free to create their own routes in an attempt to earn cash bonuses for speedy deliveries.

Game Controls



Tilt Wii Remote Left or Right = steering
1 Button = brake, reverse
2 Button = accelerate
A Button = handbrake
Thrust Wii Remote Forward = boost
D-Pad Down = reverse view
D-Pad Up = change view