Wasteland 2: Director's Cut

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The official sequel to 1988's role-playing title set in a post-apocalyptic world, Wasteland 2 tells the story of a squad of Desert Rangers doing their best to preserve law and order in the Southwestern United States. Players will explore parts of both Arizona and California from an isometric viewpoint, recruit unique NPCs with minds of their own, make decisions that impact the story, and enter into turn-based combat against a variety of threats, from robots to mutated animals. Building upon the original's release for home computers in 2014, the Director's Cut includes modified controls for consoles and overhauled graphics following a move to the Unity 5 game engine. New to this version is a perks and quirks system allowing for more unique character customization. When creating their squad of four players will still distribute points among numerous skills and seven attributes but they'll now be able to add personality traits, special bonuses, and new abilities to their rangers as well.

Game Controls


Left Thumbstick = move/navigate menu
Left Thumbstick Button = change movement mode
Right Thumbstick = rotate/pan camera
Right Thumbstick Button = change camera mode
A Button = interact/confirm
B Button = cancel/back
X Button = reload
X Button (Hold) = switch weapon
Y Button = examine/end turn (in combat)
Left Bumper or Right Bumper = switch ranger
Left Trigger = skills radial
Right Trigger = combat radial
D-Pad Up = map
D-Pad Down = change stance
D-Pad Left = logbook
D-Pad Right = radio
View Button = pause menu
Menu Button = inventory menu ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide