Joseph LoDuca-Army of Darkness [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
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Joseph LoDuca

Army of Darkness [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Prologue
  2. Building the Deathcoaster
  3. Give Me Some Sugar/Bone'anza
  4. Time Traveller
  5. Ash Splits
  6. Little Ashes
  7. Ash In Chains
  8. Night Court
  9. The Forest of the Dead/Graveyard
  10. The Pit
  11. God Save Us
  12. Foul Thing
  13. March of the Dead
  14. Whites of their Skulls
  15. The Deathcoaster
  16. On The Parapet
  17. Ash Bucklers
  18. Skeletor
  19. Soul Swallower
  20. Manly Men