Quantum Break

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The studio behind Max Payne and Alan Wake returns with a time-bending mix of third-person action and TV drama in Quantum Break. When a time-travel experiment goes horribly wrong a rift forms in the fabric of time itself, and best friends Jack Joyce (+Shawn Ashmore) and Paul Serene (+Aidan Gillen) are suddenly endowed with strange powers. In the chaos after the accident Paul travels into the future, but when he returns he has become the violent head of a ruthless security group called Monarch Solutions. As Jack, players must prevent Paul from ending the world. The world of Quantum Break suffers from time stutters, during which everything but Jack appears to freeze. The action features plenty of shooting, but gamers can also use Jack's abilities to stop time, reverse the trajectory of bullets, dash away from harm, and manipulate the environment to take down enemies. When not in combat, players must also solve puzzles to progress through levels, and at the end of each act of gameplay, the experience transforms into a 22-minute television episode focusing on Paul. There are four episodes in all, and at the beginning of each live-action sequence players make a choice as Paul that will affect the narrative. There is only one ending to Quantum Break, but the choices players make can have dramatic effects on the way they reach that conclusion. This release of Quantum Break includes a digital copy of the Xbox 360's Alan Wake and two of its add-on packs.