Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

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The undead have taken over, and produce is on the offensive as gamers enjoy more comical multiplayer shooting in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. PopCap's popular spinoff once again finds players guiding uniquely skilled zombies and anthropomorphic plants as they battle for control of Zomburbia, this time in six competitive online modes and two co-op online modes. Six new character classes mean gamers can now choose from fourteen different classes and more than 100 playable characters, and 12 new maps take players to historical locations, the frozen north, and even the moon. The Backyard Battleground serves as a hub from which gamers can edit their characters, choose multiplayer modes, or invite friends to battle waves of AI foes. The six competitive modes all support up to 24 players, with the Herbal Assault mode putting gamers in charge of the plants, and the Graveyard Ops mode letting them control the zombies. Co-op options let up to four players battle for either side in Garden Ops and Graveyard Ops modes, solo gamers can take on AI opponents, and every mode in the game supports local split-screen co-op.

Game Controls


Left Analog Stick = move
Right Analog Stick = turn camera/character
X Button = jump
Circle Button = action
Square Button = reload
Triangle Button = ability 2
L1 Button = ability 1
R1 Button = ability 3
L2 Button = zoom/activate secondary weapon
R2 Button = activate primary weapon
D-Pad Up or Down = hot swap
D-Pad Left or Right = gestures
Options Button = pause menu
Touch Pad Button = scoreboard ~ Jonathan Sutyak, All Game Guide