Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

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Electronic Arts reboots its first-person parkour series as gamers once again help the courier Faith Connors take down a corporate oligarchy in Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. The City of Glass is run by the Conglomerate, a group of 13 different corporations engaged in a constant power struggle, with the KrugerSec faction serving as a rooftop-patrolling security force. Gamers must help Faith navigate the open-world rooftop environments of the city, using Runner Vision to highlight climbable objects and find paths to her objectives, while also engaging in fast-paced melee combat. Faith can move through the city's districts by using special equipment like her Mag Rope and Disruptor, or by taking advantage of environmental objects like zip lines. As the action unfolds players will earn points to upgrade Faith's gear and combat skills, and come across fellow Runners, agents for the Conglomerate, and members of the Black November resistance group. When not performing jobs, gamers can try time trials, races, and environmental puzzles, or take part in asynchronous multiplayer actions that can alter the world for other players.

Game Controls

Left Analog Stick = move
Right Analog Stick = look
X Button = interact
Circle Button (Hold) = disruptor
Square Button = light attack
Triangle Button = heavy attack
L1 Button = up actions
R1 Button = quick turn
L2 Button = down actions
R2 Button = shift, combat shift
D-Pad Left or Right = social content
Touch Pad Button = map
Options Button =pause menu ~ Jonathan Sutyak, All Game Guide