Tales From the Borderlands

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For the first time, the adventure specialists at Telltale Games apply their episodic model to an established game franchise in Tales From the Borderlands. The action is set after Borderlands 2 and stars the Hyperion corporate climber Rhys and the Pandoran con artist Fiona as they navigate a world filled with gangsters, bandits, and Vault Hunters, and make decisions that alter future events. The five-episode arc finds gamers traveling through a terraformed jungle, heading to the moon base Helios, and uncovering the location of a secret vault.

Game Controls

Left Thumbstick = move character, cycle inventory
Right Thumbstick = move camera/reticle
A, B, X, or Y Button = actions, dialog choices
Left Bumper = echo-eye, money
Right Bumper = inventory
Left Trigger = show selectables
Right Trigger = fight actions
Menu Button = pause ~ Jonathan Sutyak, All Game Guide