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A wealthy baroness (Catherine Frot) in 1920s Paris attempts to find fame as a singer, despite a truly appalling lack of talent. Meanwhile, her husband (André Marcon) and loyal butler (Denis M'Punga) work to keep her in the dark about her terrible reviews, gently encouraging her to keep pursuing her dream. Directed by Xavier Giannoli, Marguerite was inspired by real-life performer Florence Foster Jenkins. ~ Jack Rodgers, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Marguerite
1. Charity Concert [10:22]
2. Marguerite Dumont [10:22]
3. Business Opportunity [11:27]
4. Invitation [11:09]
5. Song of Freedom [10:48]
6. Towards Joy [19:43]
7. Blackmail [13:46]
8. Throat Injury [11:15]
9. The Truth [8:40]
10. Never Ending Journey [4:59]
11. Recorded Memories [12:04]
12. End Credits [3:55]
13. Chapter 13 [:01]