Mafia III

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Gamers deal with racial tensions, organized crime, and the humid, New Orleans-like streets of New Bordeaux in the open-world adventure Mafia III. Set in 1968, the game puts players in control of the biracial orphan Lincoln Clay, who found family in the form of the black mob before he headed off to fight in Vietnam. Upon returning from the war, Clay joins forces with Sal Marcano to rob a Federal Reserve Bank. But after their successful heist the Italian Mafioso betrays Lincoln, killing the leaders of his crew, shooting him in the head, and taking all the stolen money. But Lincoln is a hard man to kill, and after a miraculous recovery he sets about getting revenge, not only killing those who betrayed him, but taking over their territory, and forming a new crime family of his own. Players can choose the way they want to exact vengeance, wielding shotguns and automatic weapons for direct assaults, or using cover to stalk and kill enemies when they are most vulnerable. Gamers help Clay gradually take down capos to disrupt the cash flow of crime bosses and gain control of the ten districts of New Bordeaux. He can then assign control of the districts to three underbosses, but if any of the lieutenants feel left out, they may turn on Lincoln themselves.

Game Controls


Left Thumbstick = move
Left Thumbstick Button = sprint, hold breath (while using a scope)
Right Thumbstick = camera
Right Thumbstick Button = stalk, scope (while aiming)
A Button = cover
B Button = melee
X Button = reload
X Button (Hold) = interact
Y Button = climb
Left Bumper = switch weapon
Right Bumper = aim, plant explosive
Left Trigger = aim
Right Trigger = fire
D-Pad Up = holster weapon
D-Pad Up (Hold) = use adrenaline shot
D-Pad Down (Hold) = pickup/drop body
D-Pad Left (Hold) = whistle
View Button = intel view
Menu Button = map, options


Left Thumbstick = steer
Left Thumbstick Button = horn
Right Thumbstick = move camera
Right Thumbstick Button = look back
A Button = ram
B Button = handbrake
X Button = enter/exit car
X Button (Hold) = bail out
Y Button (Hold) = toggle vehicle targeting
Left Bumper = cycle targets
Left Bumper (Hold) = open/close wheel
Right Bumper = fire
Left Trigger = brake, reverse
Right Trigger = accelerate
D-Pad Up = holster weapon
D-Pad Up (Hold) = use adrenaline shot
D-Pad Left = change camera
D-Pad Right = change radio station
View Button = intel view
Menu Button = map ~ Jonathan Sutyak, All Game Guide