Monuments & Melodies [1 CD]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Black Heart Inertia [#] 4:53
  2. Drive 3:53
  3. Megalomaniac 4:55
  4. Anna Molly 3:47
  5. Love Hurts 3:58
  6. Wish You Were Here 3:34
  7. Warning 4:39
  8. Stellar 3:21
  9. Talk Shows on Mute 3:49
  10. Pardon Me 3:45
  11. Dig 4:18
  12. Oil and Wate 3:50
  13. Are You In? 4:24
  14. Nice to Know You 4:44
  15. Midnight Swim [#] 3:15


Monuments Melodies is an elliptical allusion to the hits and highlights contained within this 2009 retrospective, a double-disc set that's separated into a CD of singles and a CD of rarities. The first disc does its job efficiently, running through all but two of Incubus' Billboard hits -- the minor mainstream rock radio hits "Circles" and "Make a Move" are missing, but the non-charting single "Are You In?" is in its place -- bookended by two strong new Brendan O'Brien productions, "Black Heart Inertia" and "Midnight Swim." The second disc is devoted primarily to B-sides and other stray non-LP tracks, including an acoustic version of "A Certain Shade of Green," a remix of "Pantomime," and a ham-fisted cover of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy," where they get the riff slightly wrong. For the devoted, this disc does provide a nice service of rounding up the tunes that got away, while the fair-weather travelers get a good disc of highlights -- and while there may not be much crossover between these two camps, it does mean that Incubus cover all the bases on Monuments Melodies, giving something satisfying to every kind of fan they have. [Sony Music reissued Monuments Melodies' first disc (featuring the hit singles) as a one-CD set in 2017.] ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi