Kelly Clarkson

Maximum Kelly Clarkson

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Ultimate Girl Next Door 8:24
  2. New Dreams 4:36
  3. Leader of Pack 6:40
  4. Shattering Records 6:48
  5. In the Limelight 4:59
  6. On the Up 4:22
  7. Pop Queen 5:48
  8. Ultimate Cred 3:50
  9. Beyond the Sheen 7:02
  10. Enduring Legacy 7:26


This interview disc collects conversations with Kelly Clarkson, the winner of the first American Idol series, who went on to subsequent fame, fortune, and platinum sales with her debut album Thankful. The big-voiced singer talks candidly about her strong religious background, her early career and its disappointments, and her reactions to her post-Idol success, as well as her hopes for the future., Rovi