Madden NFL 18

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EA's long-running football series returns with a dramatic new story mode, new play styles, and new multiplayer options in Madden NFL 18. The Longshot career mode puts players in the role of Devin Wade, a former five-star high school quarterback who stepped away from the game for three years. As part of a new reality show, gamers follow Devin's journey from childhood practices with his father, to re-living high school games with his friend Colt Cruise, to interacting with his mentor Dan Marino, all while making decisions, both on and off the field, that affect his NFL future. Madden NFL 18 introduces three new play styles, letting users make more spectacular plays in the fast-paced Arcade style, introducing more realistic outcomes, penalties, and injuries in the Simulation style, and focusing on gamers' stick skills in the Competitive style. New in-game features include target passing, on-the-fly coaching strategy adjustments, and new wide receiver and defensive back mechanics. As always, players can also choose to take control of their favorite NFL teams, complete with all the real rosters from the 2018 season, or they can build their own squad in the card-collecting Madden Ultimate Team mode. The new MUT Squads mode lets gamers combine their teams and head online for three-on-three action, with users splitting their roles between Offensive Captain, Defensive Captain, and Head Coach.