John Carpenter-Christine (Original Motion Picture Score)
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John Carpenter

Christine (Original Motion Picture Score)

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Track Listing

  1. Arnie's Love Theme (Side A)
  2. Obsessed with the Car (Side A)
  3. Football Run / Kill Your Kids (Side A)
  4. The Rape (Side A)
  5. The Discovery (Side A)
  6. Show Me (Side A)
  7. Moochie's Death (Side A)
  8. Junkins (Side A)
  9. Buddie's Death (Side A)
  10. Nobody's Home / Restored (Side B)
  11. Car Obsession (Reprise) (Side B)
  12. Christine Attacks (Plymouth Fury) (Side B)
  13. Talk on the Couch (Side B)
  14. Regeneration (Side B)
  15. Darnell's Tonight (Side B)
  16. Arnie (Side B)
  17. Undented (Side B)
  18. Moochie Mix Four (Side B)