Gran Turismo Sport

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Sony's long-running racing series debuts on PS4 with upgraded visuals, online competitions, and for the first time, Porsches, in Gran Turismo Sport. Gamers climb into more than 150 cars spread across several classes, and then speed around 17 locations and over 25 course layouts, including high-speed ovals, dirt tracks, and courses set on urban expressways. The Campaign mode lets solo gamers take on challenges in four categories, the Arcade mode offers time trials, custom races, and online matches, and the Sport mode is designed to match players with opponents of equal skill. Gran Turismo Sport also offers the requisite bells and whistles, including HDR visuals and VR support for those with the proper equipment. Gamers can also design custom exteriors for their cars with the new Livery Editor, take pictures of their vehicles in hundreds of stunning locations using the new Scapes feature, and learn about the history of each manufacturer in Brand Central.